Things to do at Göcek in 2021

Things to do at Göcek in 2021 last updated: 26 July 2020.

There is so much you can do in and around Göcek, in this guide you can find; Attractions, Boat trips, Boat Spotting, Food and Drink, Walks, Hidden beauties around Göcek and much more!

For a casual holiday maker finding things to do in Göcek might not be as simple as some big resorts. Big resorts can offer daily tours to local attractions and big travel agents will provide all the info you need through their reps in the comfort of your hotel. Göcek is our main holiday destination but even when building and researching for this guide, we find so much more that we didn`t know.

Sea attractions

Boat trips

Boats are the beating heart of Göcek so a trip while you are visiting is essential. So whether your budget stretches to chartering a private gullet for a week – or not there are options for exploring the breathtaking scenario by sea.

Göcek boasts no less than 6 marinas; Club Marina, Skopea Marina, Municipality Marinas, Marinturk Göcek Village Port, Marinturk Göcek Exclusive and D-Marin Göcek.

At the higher end of the budget spectrum is the charter of a boat. There are traditional gullets, motor and sailing yachts and catamaran. The costs vary depending on the size and duration of your trip. Companies offer anything from a single day to longer term.

Check Boat Trips

12 Island boat trip

A popular option is to join a daily boat tour which explores 12 islands off the coast of Göcek. These boats generally have 5 stops and 1 being the lunch stop where you can also swim. These tours include lunch and I highly recommend having lunch on these boats as the fish offered (sea bream) is simply delicious. Tours cost in the region of 150 lira per person and leave 9 am and return 5pm ish and include Chicken, Fish, Pasta, Appetizer, Salad for lunch. An absolute must is to take a short trip on Sirin. Sirin is the free shuttle boat which passes daily between the Skopea and Club Marinas.


Sirin boat


To explore another part of Göcek, you can take a ride on the free shuttle boat From Skopea Marina across the bay to part of the Club Marina complex. The boat is adorable (hence the name).

The journey takes just 15 minutes and the boat crosses the bay several times a day. The schedule changes according to the season, but a schedule can be found at the end of the Skopea Marina Pier. When you would like to cross, just wait under the canopy at the entrance to the secured area of the skopea marina.

As you make the journey towards Club Marina, have a look out for the yachts. Of special note, you might be able to spot the Halas 71. Originally setting sail in 1914, it has a rich history through WWI it became a passenger ferry across the bosphorous and in 2008 became a luxury yachtm enjoyed by the rich and famous including Lady Diana. Find out more about Halas/

Once you dock there is a restaurant that overlooks the small shingle bay. A path leads to the left past some of the disused amenities. There is also private piers, still very much in use. To return to Göcek you can take the ferry, a taxi or walk along the road. Although a pleasant walk, there is no footpath so be aware of traffic.


Boat spotting

The vast coastline of the region make Göcek a popular destination for the glitterati. There are billions of pounds worth of boats and yachts in and around Göcek. Mobile apps are available like Marine Traffic if you want a nosey at the boat, its owners and history. Why not browse those on display and decide which you will charter or purchase next!


gocek_public_beachThere is only 1 public beach in Göcek but it can have small boat traffic so you need to be aware (marked in red line in the picture). This beach is not a popular beach with loads of people as it is positioned between Skopea and Marinturk marinas, it is not the clearest or cleanist water you can enjoy in Göcek but it is free. There are also 2 private beaches in Göcek which are owned by D-marin and Rixos and it is very obvious that these hotels would like these beaches to be only used by their customers. On the other hand D-marin beach can be used by public between 6-9AM or 6-9PM but as per COVID-19 you might not be given access to this beach so please contact D-marin before you make any plans.

There are several alternatives around Göcek;

Inlice Beach is out of Göcek and can be reached with a 10-minute drive; it is run by the municipality of Fethiye. Inlice or as my daugter calls it “Black Beach" is black sand. Please check our detailed Inlice Beach guide for further info.

Lime Beach Club is at the other side of Göcek near Club marina and can be reached with a 10-minute drive or by ringing the club and ask for a boat pick up.

Ayten bay/beach – Travellers preferring to head their beach on their own stream may check out Ayten, about 6 km west of the town (also attainable by car). Start your walk from in front of the factory with a big “Mopak" sign, then walk past the marshland (don’t worry, you’ll be walking on a wide tarmac road through it) and then the Club Marina. If Ayten is far too crowded for you, keep walking to find a secluded little cove. You’ll come across one soon! Behind Ayten beach is a black hose with very cold water coming from the top of the mountain. It’s possible to take a free -and quick- shower there.


There are other beaches which are also easily accessible by car or taxi. Amongst these is Sarıgerme, a long sandy beach. Beyond Sarıgerme is the protected beach of Iztuzu in the Dalyan Delta. In the opposite direction, the famous beach at Ölüdeniz is only 40 minutes drive away.

Land attractions

Food and Drink / Eating and Drinking

Eating Out

Coffee and Cake

Whether you’re a fan of a traditional Turkish coffee, or prefer a long milky Latte, you are spoilt for choice around Gocek.

Eating In

If your accommodation provides cooking facilities then it is well worth stocking up the fridge and enjoying the sumptuous food that can be made from the fresh local ingredients. Even if it is a simple tomato salad with crumbled white cheese (one stand at the market has 18 choices) and a drizzle of olive oil made by the local growers.

Through the week you can buy groceries from the town. There are several independent grocers, supermarkets and high end delicatessens.

Local food on offer

The names and different varieties of cheese


Fruit and veg

Olive oil




Göcek might be a small resort but it provides wide range of shopping possibilities. From big supermarkets (Migros, CarrefourSA, Sok, Macrocenter, Kipa), Souvenir, Clothing, Beach Clothing, Cafes, Restaurants, Banks (Cash Machines) Estate Agents, Beauty Salons, Hair dressers, Pharmacies, Jewellery Shops, Laundry and Dry Cleaning, Organic food shops, Off license shops, Bakers, Tea Houses and so on. Check our Göcek Life page for further information.

Göcek market


Highlight – sit with a cup of cay, order some Gozleme, sit and watch the hustle and bustle of everyday Turkish life. You can buy all sorts of produce in the market from fruits, vegetables, 18 different types of cheese, clothing, shoes, bags, all sorts of hardware and much more. Prices will be way better then the groceries in Gocek or shops. Try to be there early as some of the produce might have limited amounts and might be gone very fast.


Waterfront promenade

By day and night walk end to end in about 30 mins.

Central Mosque

The pleasant Central Mosque (Merkez Camii), just behind the waterfront at the side of town plaza, with its non-traditional red-tile roof and colourful tiles with illustrations relating to Göcek’s history and seafaring on its outside fountain, might be worth a check.

Chrome mines

Browse Property


Forest Walk from Gocek

Göcek is surrounded by spectacular mountainside forests which can be explored, but it is not for the feint hearted. There are fire breaks which can be fashioned as a path but otherwise, there are few distinguishable paths. The ground can be very loose under foot, the hills are very steep in places and there is plenty of wildlife to be careful of including snakes and wild boar. One of the few designated walks can be made from Göcek to Inlice (Wikiloc).

What Göcek lacks in terms of formed local walks, it makes up for in being equidistant from the famous Lycean Way to the East and the lesser known Carian way to the West.

The Lycean way is arguable one of the worlds best trekking trails. Over 500 km offering Unesco sites, secret beaches and spectacular views. The trek typically takes 29 days and passes from fethiye to Antalya.

The Carian way was made accessible in 2014 (?) and constitutes the longest continuous footpath in the country. Its most northerly point is in Karpuzlu and travels down to Bodrum onto Icmeler and around the Bozburun Penninsula. and Karpuzlu to Icmeler. (Little info known about the Carian people after whom the trail is named, but ruins abound that hint at their life over 2,000 years ago and the many civilizations that followed. Walk on paths laid by Alexander the Great, see Neolithic cave paintings then pop into a local bar for an Efes or cool off in the Turquoise waters. Extensive details of the trail can be found at Carian Trail.

Further Afield

Göcek`s location makes it easily accessible by land, air and sea, therefore is perfect as a base for exploring the region. Shopping trips to Fethiye, medical treatment etc or attractions.


The region has a very rich history and many of the rock tombs dating back to the Lycian and Carian cultures are still dotted around the landscape. If you are prepared to make a long journey then … is worth going. If you just want to see the one to tick it off the list, then you don’t need to travel far. Deadala is ….

Gizli Cennet

You cannot just walk into Gizli Cennet

Its rare that the name of a place truly sums up the experience of it. But it is certainly true of Gizli Cennet which means secret heaven. That being said, it does come with a caveat that this is a truly rural experience. If health and safety are your primary concern then this is not for you. If the site of flying insects whilst you eat makes your tummy turn then this is not for you. If eating exquisite food in a magical setting and pulling beers out of a natural spring where they are kept ice cold is your thing then Gizli Cennet will take your breath away.

Gizli Cennet is somewhere to go and spend a hot afternoon in the shade of the forest and eat delicious food – notice I stop short of calling it a restaurant! It is essentially a family homestead that happens to be in the middle of a forest with a stream, man made pools of crystal clear icy water and Weasley family-esque rooms suspended in the trees. If you are planning to go for food it is worth calling in advance. If you want the ingredients to be bought for you then at least a days notice would be preferred, if you are to bring your own ingredients then calling on the day to let them

Food is available but must be ordered in advance so the food can be brought in or with notice on the day you take your own groceries.

It is important to note that it you must call ahead to request (as it is their home) that you can go for food. If you are not planning to eat, and only enjoy the surroundings, imagine you are entering someones back garden – permission and a donation would not go amiss. As well as confirming that you can go – calling ahead will also make food preparation a lot faster. The food is cooked in a traditional fire oven and can take up to an hour to become ready to cook on. Another reason I don’t call this a restaurant is you have to take your own food!

Gizli Cennet is in the hillside development of Inlice. To access it the quickest way would be by car or a taxi. It is 9km from Gocek town centre so could be done on a bike or even walking if you are so inclined.

Suggested items of food which are suitable to take, the Turkish name and what could be made out of it

Minced meat Kiyma Kofte / shish kebab
Chicken on the bone / fillets Kemikli Tavuk / tavugu gogsu Char grilled chicken / kebabs
Peppers (sweet / hot), onions, aubergine Biber (aci / tatli), sogan patlican Char grilled vegetables or included with the kebab
Fish (whole / fillet) Balik Chargrilled
Salad mix (cucumber, carrot, tomato, sweetcorn) Salata icin (salatilik, havuc, Salad (a delicious meal in itself and not a lettuce leaf in sight!)
Yoghurt You will be surprised what this can become
Potatoes Patates The nicest chips I have ever eaten in my life!
Aubergine, potatoes, carrot, carrot, pepper ‘Kizartma’ a dish of fried vegetables smothered in yoghurt infused with garlic
Bread It wouldn’t be a Turkish meal without it!
Drinks; take plenty of water and then whatever takes your fancy! Efes, wine (screwcaps), soft drinks etc

Gizli cennet will provide Turkish coffee and Turkish tea and the kitchen staples to make your food eg salt, pepper, herbs etc.

Saklikent National Park


Even further

Cultural sites as Caunos, Telmessos, Fethiye Museum, Tlos, Pınara, Letoon, Xanthos and Patara.