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A hidden gem of the Med, Göcek

A sheltered bay surrounded by lush mountains, beautiful bays offering unrivalled hospitality, amenities and calm.
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Göcek boasts restaurants that offer cuisines from around the world with great vibes.
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Things to do in & around Göcek

Göcek is a small resort with loads to do around thanks to it`s location.
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Tips to plan your trip to Göcek in 2021

Arriving to Göcek by Air or Sea? Find tips from flights, accommodation, marinas to airport transfers in our guide.
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İnlice Beach

Inlice beach is a great spot to spend a day and the facilities are managed so well with great value. Kids playground, shaded seating area, sun loungers and umbrellas to rent, great food and drinks, sandy beach and nice clear water.

Where is Göcek? Gocek is a very small Mediterranean town in Fethiye district of Mugla city with a population of 4000. It is located between Dalaman (18km) and Fethiye (27km). Very popular spot for the most influential, powerful and wealthy people in the world, sailors from all around the world, yatch owners with great taste for beauty and small number of tourists who prefer to rent a private villa or stay in hotels.
My first visit to Göcek was around 1990s, it has changed a lot since but the changes hasn`t been to worse but for the advantage of land travellers. In 90s Göcek wasn`t a holiday destination for land tourists for 2 main reasons; first one is that Göcek doesn`t have a natural public beach (this is still the case unless you are staying in D-Marin or Rixos which have private man made beaches) so you would either need a car to travel to beaches around Göcek or go to 12 island excursions on daily boat trips. The second reason was; there was not any luxury hotels, villas to rent or big shopping markets where you can purchase daily goods for reasonable value but instead all accommodations were small bed & breakfasts run by local families or most businesses were set up to deliver sailing customer needs which had the extra price tag with it. In summary hotel standards were low and living expenses were very high.

Now, Göcek can provide for land or sea visitors; better value products in big super market chains, local Sunday market, private hospitals nearby, loads of restaurants, fine dining, jewellers, cafes, shops and various types of accommodation from special type luxury resorts, private villas with pool, apartment flats and B&Bs, 6 different marina`s with high standards, take aways, affordable boat rentals or daily excursions or even a sea taxi where you can be dropped & picked up to any of the bays around Göcek.

Why visit Gocek? Before we start talking about all the things we love, I would like to point one reason why you shouldn`t choose Göcek as holiday destination. There are so many resorts in Turkey with 5* hotels with private beaches for very reasonable prices, Göcek is surrounded by mountains so it doesn`t have any natural beaches in the main bay. There are 2 private beaches owned by two different hotels (Rixos and D-Marin) but you will have to extend your budget. If you don`t mind driving to go to beach then you have several alternatives like Inlice beach which is 10 minutes away or amazing Sarigerme beach which is around 30 minute drive and so many beautiful bays that will blow your mind.

And the bit we love! Why should you? Weather; annual weather temperature averaging 17.9 °C | 64.2 °F and water temperature (Mediterranean Sea) is 21.60°C | 70.88°F oh and around 290 days of sunshine as a start! Distance from airport; 25-30 minutes distance from airport so you don`t even need to worry about transfers and get a taxi instead (£15-£20 for 4 people). Amenities; several good restaurants, small bars & cafe`s, variety of shops where you can find anything from hand made products, local goods to global brands, gyms, spa, Turkish bath, swimming pools, childcare, concierge, laundry, play grounds, international tv channels, drinks or food from all over the world and so much more. Calm & Safe; after your arrival take a stroll at the sea front, check restaurant menus, do some window shopping or have a cup of coffee in a cafe and you will witness what we mean by calm. Holiday makers coming to Göcek have a different mind set and in my humble opinion they choose Göcek as they are not interested with the chaos of big holiday resorts and more focused on having a relaxing holiday and spending quality time with their loved ones.

Göcek Guides

Göcek Guides

Find our guides for the destination, trip planning, shopping, things to do and much more

PRE FLIGHT DOCUMENTS. Since April 2013, all visa applications to Turkey are obtained on Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey website. Visa application process is very easy and the website is very easy to follow. As an applicant you need to fill the forms with details such as your identity, passport and travel dates also pay visa fee online. E-visa website can only be used for tourist or commerce visas and you have to contact consulate or embassies for any other types of visas. Your are required to have a passport which is valid for at least 6 months from the day of your arrival. You can find more info here. (Turkish government websites will always have the .gov.tr at the end of website domain names).

You also need to fill the COVID-19 form which will be communicated to you by your airline. This form is required by Turkish government for Track and Trace system and it will be collected at your arrival airport. As part of this process you might be asked to join a queue to hand these forms as well as being monitored by temparature screening cameras. Other than this everything is very calm and smooth 🙂

GOCEK GUIDES. We prepared very detailed guides that will help you with most of the things you need to know about Göcek and all it`s surroundings purely based on our own experience. Each guide contains information on how to get there, how to get around, where to stay, cost of things and what to see or do. Also included our suggestions, pre-made itineraries to follow, tips and tricks, answers to some of the frequently asked questions and some useful Turkish words to practice.

PRE-MADE ITINERARIES. Decided to put the travel management degree to good use to help you plan some of your trips. Pre-made itineraries will include times, maps, apps, costs, distance, things to do or anything else you will need to follow the itinerary in an easy way. Most of our pre-made itineraries are good for a long day and thanks to our beautiful daughter they will be tested on how child friendly they are. If you couldn`t find an itinerary that you were looking for, I will be happy to help. Use contact page to contact me with as much details as you can and I will do my best to help you.


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